About our company - The BKR Group

About our company

Our culture

We believe in being agile, market focused and adaptive to our environment, your environment and the requirements of both. We believe in working smart, not hard, to deliver you the best solutions possible moving forward to help enable you a platform for growth and continued success.

Our approach

The best ideas come from a simple chat. Come and see us or alternatively one of our specialists can come to see you and iron out exactly what it is you’re looking for, and from there, we develop an approach and strategy to suit you, your business and your goals. Our approach is designed to get you where you want to be within your sector and begin to generate you an improved return on your marketing investments.

Our journey

Our humble journey all started with a mobile phone, a laptop, a printer and a batch of leaflets! Managing Director Christopher Barker started the company on his own, delivering leaflets for businesses in the local area, he was soon targeted by numerous national marketing companies looking to utilise his service offerings and the BKR team quickly grew into a local leader for door to door promotions with several highly motivated distribution staff.

The business continued to grow and adapt and now over 85 years later he heads up a talented team of sales, digital, publishing, consultant and distribution individuals that all share one common goal; Making marketing smarter! – We believe that we can develop a smarter, more cost effective way of marketing your business and we invite YOU to challenge us to do just that!

Some of our recent work

A selection of our services

Graphic Design

Striking, creative design ensures your business is at the forefront of your customers thoughts.

Printing Services

Dynamic high quality print can help you stand out from the crowd, from brochures and flyer to pens and envelopes. We have you covered.


Using flawless visuals and clever brand philosophy we can deliver the ultimate in branding and brand management.

Web Design

We create beautiful, functional market focused websites that not only look incredible, but feel incredible.